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Linen & Flax Co. was born out of a passion for two of my greatest loves: home and family. My passion has always been to create liveable and inviting spaces where families can be comfortable to live their best life. Places where their best memories are made. Places they are proud to call home.

What started as a desire to create that environment for our family grew into the opportunity to do the same for friends and neighbors. One by one, they invited me into their homes and trusted me with their spaces. Over time I began to trust myself.

Linen & Flax originally launched in October, 2015 as a full-service operation offering design, renovations and new home construction projects. We hosted a Linen & Flax launch party in our home and every guest who joined us left asking the same question: Where can I buy your furnishings and accessories?

Two months later, we provided an answer by opening the Linen & Flax Home store on Canton Street in the heart of downtown Roswell, Georgia. The store features everything from furniture to accessories for any home.

Linen & Flax expanded again in 2018 by moving to a larger space on Canton Street and utilizing the original location to open Linen & Flax Apparel.  It seemed only natural to offer the same beautiful, livable apparel for your everyday lifestyle.

Today, Linen & Flax has transformed beyond just design services, home products, and storefronts. We are a team dedicated to building a lifestyle brand that reflects who we are and all we hold dear—providing you with the pieces of home and lifestyle that set the scene for memories to be made and real life to be lived.


About Chaz

Chaz Easterly is the Founder and Creative Director of Linen & Flax Co., a lifestyle brand providing design services, home goods, apparel, and more.  The brand was born out of her love for design, passion for people, and desire to create the kind of environments that families can truly call home.    

A lifelong lover of design and details, Chaz never imagined she would create more than just the space her own family called home. But when the recession hit, like so many others she found herself looking for a way to turn her passion into her profession.  She landed at Pottery Barn, coming on board to launch their in-home design program. Between her work for their clients and the growing list of friends, family members, and neighbors willing to give her an opportunity to design their spaces, her confidence and calling continued to grow.

If we were sitting on my couch together, and you asked me about my story and how all of this came to be, here is what I’d lean in and say, Linen and Flax Co. exists to help you make life beautiful. Because sometimes it really isn’t. Just over ten years ago, I found myself driving up and down Canton Street in tears. I needed a job, bad and no one would hire me. My resume said: waitress, ministry, and mom. It wasn’t enough to even land me a sales associate gig.

Crying and defeated, I whispered, “God, I need a job, but I’m just a mom, just a wife, just… please show me what I have to offer you.”

A few weeks later, I found my calling selling pillows at a chain store and you know what? I loved it. Slowly my confidence began to build. I started helping customers actually design their spaces and then my friends caught on and started to let me design their homes too.

God lit a fire in me for beauty, for home, for a life well-lived and I knew I had stepped into something sacred. Suddenly, I wasn’t “just” anything anymore and I realized that I never really was.

The name Linen & Flax came to me in church one day when the word “flax” leapt off the Bible’s page. Flax is ordinary. Forgettable. Easily dismissed among more beautiful blooms. But when flax is broken and stripped-down, when it is pressed, crushed, refined, and pressed again, it becomes linen. A fabric fit for a king.

And that is my story. Beauty from breaking and maybe you see glimmers of your story in mine too. When you visit Linen & Flax, I hope you see all of that. Whether you stop by for a new dress, a cozy candle, or just to forget the hard stuff for a second, I hope our little shops are soft places to land. I hope you find beautiful things that take your breath away and I hope it reminds you to never forget that when everything is broken, beauty comes next.

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