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Utensils + Tools

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Brushed Brass Spoon (2 sizes)
Brushed Brass Spoon (2 sizes) Sale priceFrom $12.00
4.75" Antique Brass Finish Spoon
Matte Gold Cheese Knife
Matte Gold Cheese Knife Sale price$18.00
12" Gold Slotted Spoon
12" Gold Slotted Spoon Sale price$24.00
Sold out12" Gold Mixing Spoon
12" Gold Mixing Spoon Sale price$24.00
11.5" Gold Ladle
11.5" Gold Ladle Sale price$24.00
Gold Flipper Spatula
Gold Flipper Spatula Sale price$24.00
Brass Ladle - 7.75"
Brass Ladle - 7.75" Sale price$28.00
Matte Brass Ladle - 11"
Matte Brass Ladle - 11" Sale price$32.00
Brass Finish Honey Dipper
Brass Finish Honey Dipper Sale price$15.00
Reactive Glaze Strainer Spoon (2 Sizes)
Reactive Glaze Stoneware Spoon
Twisted Handle Stoneware Scoop
Matte Grey Servers (Set of 2)
Matte Gold Serving Utensils - Set of 2
Sold outHammered & Etched Gold Serving Utensils - Set of 2
Wood & Gold Pizza Wheel
Wood & Gold Pizza Wheel Sale price$32.00
Sold outForged Gold Serving Utensils - Set of 2
White & Gold Cocktail Spreaders (Set of 4)
White & Gold Cocktail Forks (Set of 4)
Hammered Brass Hooks (Set of 2)
Wood Honey Dipper
Wood Honey Dipper Sale price$16.00
Gold Stainless Steel Funnel
Sold outEnameled Wood Spoon Rest
Enameled Wood Spoon Rest Sale price$8.00