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The Friendship Collection

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Candle Wick Trimmer
Candle Wick Trimmer Sale price$16.00
Candle Snuffer
Candle Snuffer Sale price$16.00
Citronella Three Wick Candle (2 Styles)
Sold outBeach Days Laundry Detergent
Beach Days Laundry Fragrance
Citronella Sea Salt Incense
Set of 3 Glazed Stoneware Measuring Bowls
Sold outWhite Ceramic Bud Vase (2 Sizes)
White Ceramic Bud Vase (2 Sizes) Sale priceFrom $6.00 Regular price$10.00
Set of 3 Brass Spoons in Drawstring Bag
Milkmaid Match Striker
Milkmaid Match Striker Sale price$44.00
Sold outRattan Wrapped Chain
Rattan Wrapped Chain Sale price$80.00 Regular price$134.00
Seashell and Bamboo Serving Set
Beehive Honey Pot w Dipper
Beehive Honey Pot w Dipper Sale price$60.00 Regular price$85.00