SNAP Hand Sanitizer Spray (4 Scents Available)


Product Details

Hand Sanitizer....But Make it Fashion.  SNAP is available in three luxurious scents with 300+ sprays in each cartridge.  With the easy to use cartridge system, you can switch out your fragrance and snap your new cartridge in for a compact, travel-ready, no-spill hand-sanitizing experience!

 Four Scents Available:

  • Signature Scent (Black):  Light and refreshing mist with hints of mint & eucalyptus
  • Escape to the Sea (Blue): The cool essence of the sun-soaked ocean infused with hints of sea salt and coconut for a seaside escape.
  • Rooftop Garden Champagne (Pink): Floral fresh essence of a spring day infused with white champagne flowers with hints of orange peel and wild berries
  • Day at the Spa (Green): Relax with this scent infused with cucumber, honey, and sweet aromatherapies 

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