Modern White Round Charcuterie Board - Small


Product Details

Intended for serving and décor only, this board doubles as statement art in your home. Use for serving charcuterie, fruit, crudités or dessert and display as a trendy accent against backsplash when not in use. 

  • The front of the board is smooth while the back showcases its natural wood grain.
  • Coated in a 100% plant-based, food-safe white wax finish.
  • Hand-made from reclaimed wood by local artisans in Europe, making each board one-of-a-kind. Due to the occurrences found in reclaimed wood, natural dips and grooves will be visible on the board.

Serving Board Care Instructions: To prevent and resolve surface stains, wipe the surface clean with hot soapy water immediately after using and then dry with a clean, dry dish towel. 

Dimensions: 13.2"L x 9.8"W x 1"H

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