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Spring Stems

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Dried Palm Leaf Artichokes
Dried Natural Cauliflower Root in Bag
Dried Natural Bell Cups - 20 pieces
Lion's Tail Bunch
Lion's Tail Bunch Sale price$20.00
Ivory Dried Flowers (Bag of 16)
Preserved Lavender Bunch
Preserved Lavender Bunch Sale price$22.00
17" Orchid Drop-In
17" Orchid Drop-In Sale price$69.00
18" Potted Boxwood in Cement Pot
White Fluted Stoneware Bowl ( 2 Sizes)
Round White Terra-Cotta Cachepot (2 Sizes)
White Concrete Konos Vase (2 Sizes) - DS Only
Birch Spray Stem
Birch Spray Stem Sale price$24.00
Soft White Ceramic Bowl (2 Sizes)
Soft White Ceramic Bowl (2 Sizes) Sale priceFrom $31.00
Jade Stem - 28"
Jade Stem - 28" Sale price$28.00
8" Boxwood Ball
8" Boxwood Ball Sale price$64.00
Lions Grass Bunch
Lions Grass Bunch Sale price$20.00
Beige Marbled Glaze Vase
Beige Marbled Glaze Vase Sale price$34.00
Billy Button Cream Bunch
Billy Button Cream Bunch Sale price$30.00
Salix Spray - 38"
Salix Spray - 38" Sale price$19.00
Aurora Matte White Vase (2 Sizes)
Aurora Matte White Vase (2 Sizes) Sale priceFrom $46.00
Terracotta Jug Vase
Terracotta Jug Vase Sale price$88.00
Cream Stoneware Abstract Vase
Baby's Breath Stems
Baby's Breath Stems Sale price$20.00 Regular price$28.00
Handmade Paper Mache Bowl (2 Sizes)