These last months at Linen & Flax have been some of the busiest and craziest of all. We opened the L&F Barn on Oak Street, continued running our shop on Canton Street, wrapped up major design and renovation projects, and started working on new projects for new clients. All of that on top of managing the schedules and transportation of three children, taking care of my own home, and trying to make time for my own husband and family almost completely wore me out!

But when I look back on this season, rather than think about the crazy schedules, the long nights, and the overwhelming hours, I’ll think instead about how incredibly grateful I am for all our team has accomplished in just a few short years.

The amazing women who work alongside me on the Linen & Flax team made this sign for me as a gift recently that read:

“She believed she could so she did.”

It was a wonderfully sweet surprise that meant so much to me at the time. I hung it over my desk so that I could be reminded daily how sweet the women I’m surrounded by at work are. 

One night after our incredible grand opening weekend in April, I found myself alone in the office. I was just about to lock up when I looked over my desk and saw that quote. Though it had been hanging there for months, that night it spoke to me differently. It truly overwhelmed me to the point that I began to cry.

And I mean really and truly cry! Like full out, ugly cry!

Most of my life I never really believed much in myself. I struggled with self-confidence and didn’t really think I had much to offer the world as far as gifts and talents. But over the past few years as my journey with Linen & Flax really began to takeoff, God has truly shown me how much more He had planned for my life. He showed me how He saw me and helped me put my fears aside to put my trust and confidence in Him. 

My passions for home and people aren’t an accident. They are gifts given to me by God—gifts meant to be used and shared. Trusting Him on this journey was definitely scary, but stepping out and putting myself out there were necessary steps to walk in the purpose and plan He had for my life. God wanted me to truly believe that because of Him, I can be confident that all things are possible, and these last few years have truly shown me that. Now if you ask me if I believe and have the confidence to do anything God sets before me, I’d answer with a resounding, “Yes! 100% yes!”

I want to encourage you all to never give up on the ideas, dreams, and goals God has put in your heart. Believe you can! And then surround yourself with others who believe you can, too. When you do, anything is possible!

Thank you for you constant love and support of Linen & Flax. You are all a part of this journey, both personally and professionally for me. I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of such a wonderful team and community.