Having been in the design industry for some time now, I’ve worked to find furniture for many different homes and families. And what I found over the years as I purchased furniture from “big box” stores was that when it comes to the primary pieces of furniture in a home (chairs, sofas, ottomans, and the like) the combination of quality and durability was lacking in a big way. So many of the families I’ve worked with told me that they were waiting to purchase their “good” furniture—beautiful, quality, long-lasting pieces for their homes—for when their kids grew up and were out of the house. They didn’t want to purchase beautiful furniture because it wasn’t functional or comfortable for a big family or a house full of people, but they didn’t like purchasing lower quality pieces in the meantime because they found themselves having to replace them every few of years.

The more and more I talked to families about this furniture dilemma, the more I wondered why there wasn’t an option out there that combined form and function—a quality, beautiful piece of furniture that was durable and comfortable enough to accommodate a busy family. And then it hit me: if we can’t find it, why not make it ourselves?

After putting in the research and searching out the best manufacturers to help us produce great quality, good looking, and long-lasting pieces, we partnered with an incredible company out of North Carolina to launch our line last year. All the pieces were designed with form and function in mind, upholstered in premium, high-end fabrics while still being livable for your family. I’m thrilled to share with you a little more about the first pieces of Linen & Flax Home’s furniture line below!

The Riley Sofa. Named after our son Riley, this sofa is the biggest in our collection—generous and large just like its namesake! The Riley sofa offers the option of a nailhead trim in a number of different finishes and also comes as a sectional. 

The Jaclyn Sofa. Beautiful and stylish just like our daughter Jaclyn, this sofa can be customized to suit your taste and comes with the option for a bench seat. 

The Jaclyn Swivel Chair. Beautiful and stylish just like our daughter Jaclyn, the swivel chair has a 360-degree spin and a smooth, quiet glide. 

The Robert Sectional. This sofa is named after our youngest son Robert Christian. It’s smaller in scale with a cozy, snuggly feel just like our sweet son! This sofa comes with bench seating and can also be made in to a sectional. 

The Roswell Sofa. We just had to name one of our pieces after our beloved city of Roswell! A low profile option with a casual and inviting feel, the Roswell Sofa also has bench cushions to add some extra comfort. This option can also be made as a sectional or swivel chair. 

The Chesterfield Sofa. Elegant and substantial, the Chesterfield Sofa makes a beautiful choice for a great room or family room. This sofa can also be made with bench cushions. 

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