The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.
— Jimmy Johnson

When it comes to design, we love helping our clients create homes that they’re proud of—homes that feel extraordinary! And just like fan-favorite football coach Jimmy Johnson says, sometimes the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary in a space is that little something extra. That’s why we want to help you find the perfect pieces to give your space that little something extra it needs. Take a look at a few of our favorite accessories for your home this season that are sure to make any space a little more extraordinary.

Vintage glass bottles. Available in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, vintage bottles are an incredible accessory to adorn any space in your home. They’re especially perfect atop a mantle or organized on your tabletop as a centerpiece. Leave them empty and group them together on display or place small cotton stems or flowers inside to give them a little more pop. No matter how you use them, these little bottles are great treasures for your home.  

Chandeliers. Nothing gives a space a little something extra like a statement lighting fixture. And no lighting fixture makes a bigger statement than a chandelier! They’re timeless pieces that draw the eye right to them. And the best part? Their designs vary so much that there’s an option to suit any taste. Glass, wooden, beaded, crystal, globe—you can do a number of things with any style! Keep it classic by placing yours over a dining room table or in your entryway.  

Succulents. We love incorporating greenery into any home, and succulents are a sweet and simple way to do just that. They’re perfect for those of you who want a little something natural in your home, but suffer from a lack of green thumb to keep them thriving. Succulents are small, cute, and easy to keep alive! Repot them in fun, small vases for a more unique look or leave them as they are for a clean and simple style. Place them in windowsills or on kitchen counters to give the space a little extra pop. 

Vintage clocks. Both decorative and functional, vintage timepieces give a classic look to your design. Oversized clocks are great statement pieces to fill a large wall. They look great placed over a mantel as the focal point for your room as well. Incorporate smaller timepieces on shelving or as a part of a gallery wall in your space. 

Mugs. For all you coffee lovers, this one’s an obvious choice! No home is complete without a great collection of mugs. In fact, we love them so much we keep some with our favorite messages on display in our storefront on Canton Street. While they’re obviously great for a kitchen, consider how you can incorporate them throughout your home for décor as well. Use oversized ones as pots for flowers or leave a few out on a drink cart or on display in open shelving. Let them become a part of your design to create a cozy and inviting feel around your home.