I love the start of a new season. It always feels like a great time to make a new start or embark on a new adventure. And as we’re gearing up for fall, I can’t wait to see what this upcoming season holds.

One of the best things about the arrival of a new season? It’s a great time to freshen up your space and incorporate some new elements into your home’s design scheme. Check out just a few of our favorite fall design trends to think about for your home this season.

Mix and match styles.

One of the trends for this new season is all about diversifying the design in your home. While I’ll forever be a farmhouse girl at heart, this season has me looking to incorporate a few other staple styles into my décor. With mid-century modern specifically on trend right now, look for simple ways to include elements of that style into your overall design. The best way to mix and match your styles? Incorporate accessories like chairs, side tables and lamps in similar colors to compliment your look.


While this isn’t necessarily a new trend, a rustic look is definitely on point for fall. Incorporating some beautiful natural woods into your home is a great way to bring a little bit of the outside in to your home. Barn doors and custom made tables are the perfect rustic elements for any home. Not only do they help you embrace the trend, they give you a lasting, quality piece for your home. Looking for a smaller, simpler way to incorporate something rustic into your space? Try creating a seasonal centerpiece for your table or mantel that captures the feel.

Bring on the brown.

One of the best colors for fall in your home? Brown. Trust me on this one! You can do a lot with shades of brown throughout your home. While you don’t want to overwhelm your space with too much, you can find simple ways to incorporate the color into your space. Lighter shades like espresso, beige or latte are great for walls if you want to make a big change, but smaller incorporations like mirrors, frames and light fixtures are easier, less permanent ways to bring the color into your home.  

Golden glow.

With the sun setting and the weather changing, fall is a great time to incorporate some new lighting elements to give your home a little glow. Incorporating candles in and around your home is an easy way to bring in some golden glow this season. Nestle them in vases to create centerpieces or incorporate a few on to your mantel or side tables for smaller impact. It’s a great way to set the mood in your space for a new season.

Create your outdoor space.

There’s nothing better than spending a crisp fall evening outside. This season, try creating a little outdoor environment at your home for your friends and family to gather. Update your outdoor space with some cozy blankets and pillows. Incorporate some great twinkle lights to give you some fun ambiance. Want to really capture the spirit of the fall season? Set up a station full of everyone’s favorite fall snacks—smores, apple cider, pumpkin bread and more. Then cuddle up with your people and enjoy the arrival of fall!