If you’ve visited our storefront on Canton Street, then you’ve probably seen our Linen & Flax team huddled around the table in our office tucked away in the corner. While we love having a space where we can all work together, the truth is our workspace can get a little tight when all of us are around the table at the same time! That’s why I’ve created a separate workspace for myself in one of my favorite places—my home!

Like so many others, I spend a lot of time working from my home office space. And because of that, I wanted to make sure my home workspace was a space that I truly loved. When you’re working in a space that leaves you feeling focused, motivated and creative, your work will reflect that. Check out just a few ways to make the most of your home office and create a work environment that will inspire some serious productivity!

Keep it separated. Working from home can make managing your work/life balance a little trickier. With family and friends popping in and out, you want to do what you can to keep your workspace separated from the rest of your home. This will not only help with privacy and productivity during your workday, but also allow you to truly shut off from work when you’re off the clock. If you have the space in your home, consider making a spare room in your home an office to give defined separation. If you don’t, place your desk in a part of your home that gives you as much privacy as possible.

Let the light in. There’s nothing better than some good lighting to get your workflow going. Choose an area in your home with at least one window to brighten up your space. While we prefer natural light overall, if you need some extra light pick out some great lamps to accessorize your area. A great desk lamp or even floor lamps are good options to help you avoid harsher overhead lighting. Working with a smaller space? Consider a primarily white color palette to lighten and brighten the room.

Design your desk. The key to a good home office is having the right workspace, and an important piece of your workspace is a good desk. Choose a desk that combines form and function—one that looks great and contributes to your overall design but also gives you everything you need to get the job done. Consider a longer desktop if you have room to have space for your computer, storage, lamps and more. If space is smaller, consider a built-in desk. Some of our favorite options are glass tops, neutral colors and metals.

Choose the chair. There’s nothing more important than a good, comfy chair for work. Combine comfort and style by choosing a high-back upholstered chair. Or incorporate fun pillows or fabric for extra support and a fun pop of color for the room. If you have space, consider incorporating a small loveseat or additional chairs to have a variety of seating options. This will not only help when you have visitors, but will also give you the option to move around and change scenery a little while you work.

Make it personal. At the end of the day, your space is just that—your space. Add some touches to make the space your own. Hang some fun wall décor, design a collage wall or put up photos of your loved ones. Do what you can to personalize the space to make it truly feel like your own. This will help differentiate it from the rest of your home and make your home office a space you truly love to go to work.