Every home has a story to tell. The people, the decorations, the life lived inside—all of those things contribute to the overall story of your home. And one of the best ways you can add to the story of your space is by incorporating a few vintage finds into your décor. Vintage elements help give your home some one-of-a-kind character. And believe it or not, they’re pretty easy to find! Take a trip to your local flea market, shop around at an antique store or estate sale or simply look around your own home for some classic family hand me downs. You’re sure to find some timeless treasures to put to use in your home.

Not sure where to start? Check out just a few ways to incorporate some of our favorite vintage finds into your space.


Nothing contributes to the story of your home like books. They’re a simple way to add some vintage personality to your space. Vintage hardcovers in an array of colors really compliment and complete the look of a room. And they can easily be incorporated into a number of spaces in your home—an office, bedroom or living room a top a mantle, bookshelf or tabletop. Choose some by your favorite author or on your favorite subject to really give your vintage books a personal feel.


We just love the look of vintage prints on the walls of any home. And the best part is that you can get creative and customize the art to your family’s personality. Love to travel? Framed antique maps make an incredible statement in an office or family room. Have a passion for florals? Vintage botanical prints make great additions to your bedroom, bathroom or living room area. Have musicians in your family? Framed vintage sheet music of some of your favorite hymns or songs is a great artistic addition to your space. Again, choose items that reflect the personalities in your home to contribute to the overall personality of your home.

Kitchen Items.

One of our favorite places to incorporate vintage décor is in the kitchen. There are so many little ways you can bring antique elements into your kitchen to add a little decoration to the space. Look for a small vintage scale to keep out on your counter for décor without taking up too much space. Or display a great set of antique china in open shelving or even by hanging a few carefully placed plates on the wall. Remember- you don’t have to overdo it! Just a few vintage items can really compliment your kitchen without getting in the way of what is probably the most used in space of your home.


A classic piece of vintage furniture makes an incredible statement in any room. And the best news? You probably already have some in your home! Give those family hand me downs a second look and see what you might be able to refurbish for your home. Reupholster chairs or sofas. Put a fresh coat of paint or stain on a table. Refresh old furniture to put it back to use in your home and keep the vintage piece in the family.