One of my favorite things about summer (or really any season for that matter) is gathering around the table with friends. There’s nothing better than a good summer night get together and, if you’re anything like me, you leave the cooking to someone else and focus on setting the scene with some summer themed décor.

Now stick with me here! Themes don’t have to be cheesy. You can create a classic and fun summer themed tablescape without overwhelming your guests with the expected seasonal décor. Check out some of our favorite ideas for your summer tablescapes and get ready to set the scene for your next seasonal get together.


Kick off summer and celebrate the seaside with some beach inspired decor. Go with seafoam greens, light blues, and neutral sand tones for a coastal color scheme. Incorporate the ocean with starfish, pieces of coral, or even a few sand filled vases. Just remember- keep it simple! Let your color scheme and a few well-placed pieces of décor speak to your theme rather than overdoing it.

Fresh & Fruitful.

There’s nothing better at a summer celebration than fresh summer fruit. Not only do they make great appetizers for your guests, but they also can contribute to your summer tablescape. Use fresh fruit for pops of color throughout your design. Create a centerpiece using bowls or vases filled with a variety of fruits. You can even get creative and use some of your leftovers to make festive place cards for your guests.

Garden Inspired.

Everything starts growing again in spring, but by summer nature is in full bloom. Why shouldn’t your table be, too? Put together some of your favorite flowers in small arrangements throughout your tablescape. Sprinkle some well placed greenery throughout for some subtle pops of color. And remember- it doesn’t have to be perfect! Mix and match your flowers in different arrangements or incorporate some wildflowers for a more relaxed look.

Crisp & Clean.

Nothing says farmhouse summer like classic white. Create a crisp summer tablescape by keeping things light and white. Mix in a few light colored or neutral toned linens to give your table some layers. Use fabrics like linen or cotton to complete a your table’s farmhouse summer look.