When putting together our family room, I knew I wanted it to be a space in our home that was not only beautiful but also functional. It’s one of the rooms in our home that is almost always in use, and so I knew it needed to be comfortable and inviting while at the same time practically laid out with space for all of our family and guests. That’s why, when it came time to pick out seating, I opted for the best combination of form and function for a family room: a sectional sofa.

Now before you think I’ve completely lost my design mind, stick with me here! With some elegant upholstery and the right layout, sectional sofas can be both a comfortable seating option and an incredible statement piece for your family room. Still not convinced? Well for all you sectional skeptics out there, check out five reasons we think a sectional sofa is a great option for your family room.

Room for more.

If you’re anything like me, you want your home to be filled with the people you love. There’s nothing I want more than for guests to feel at home in my home, and that means they need a place to kick back and relax while they’re here! A sectional sofa provides just that! It adds an inviting element to your family room and makes for a comfortable spot for your friends and family.

Defines your space.

Who doesn’t love an open, spacious floor plan for your home? Adding a sectional to a more open family room brings a little more definition to the space. Using an L-shaped sectional helps create separation between your spaces and distinguishes one area from another without closing them off.


As a designer, I’m constantly looking for new ways to rearrange in my home. Having a sectional sofa gives me the versatility I want without having to break the bank every time I feel the urge to redesign! Most sectionals break apart into smaller pieces, providing you with the option to mix up the configuration of your family room and give your space a different feel.

Space Savers.

Believe it or not, a sectional sofa can actually be a space saver in your home. Not only does it save you from having to try and fit extra pieces of seating into your room, it also works to fit into the tight corners or against the walls to make more space for your family and guests to move around the room. If you’re worried about the piece appearing bulky, choose lighter upholstery and a more modern style for a sleeker, more streamlined look.  

Make a Statement.

A sectional sofa combines fun and function in one statement piece for your room. Choose a great fabric in a vibrant color or incorporate patterned pillows for a bolder look. It’s a great piece to make a statement in your room without sacrificing the needs for your family.  

Did you know Linen & Flax has an upholstery line? Contact us for more information on how you can get a custom designed and upholstered sectional made for your home?