There’s no place I’d rather spend time than at home with my family. It’s my safe place—my escape from the craziness of life. And I want my family to feel the same way! 

As a mom, I want my home to be a place where my family truly loves to be. It’s the space where my kids have and will continue to grow up. It’s the backdrop to what I hope will be some of their best memories. I want it be the place they feel most rested, renewed, and inspired.

No pressure, right?

So often as moms, we strive for perfection in our homes. We want them to be beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean. We want things to be kept neat and in order. We want it to be perfectly put together for the sake of our families. And so we strive and struggle and wear ourselves thin just trying to do it all. 

But can I let you sweet Moms out there in on a little secret? 

The things your families will remember about being in your home aren’t the beautiful, clean, or put together parts. It’s not the neatly placed throw pillows or the perfect shade of paint or the immaculately cleaned kitchen. No, it’s all the other stuff—the tiny details that you’ve woven throughout your home—that they’ll carry with them.

The things I remember most fondly about my childhood home aren’t the beautiful, clean, or put together parts. It’s the worn kitchen table where we shared our meals. It’s the squeaky stairs and paint chipped bannister my siblings and I would slide down together. It’s the small fireplace we’d gather around on a cold Connecticut night or the front porch where we’d sit to wave to the neighbors. I remember the pot my mom would use to cook soup and that cool antique Hall tree we’d hang our coats every day. None of those things were perfect, but they’re the things I still love the most. They’re all part of the story my mom wrote for our family—the environment she created for our home. 

And for you ladies, it’s just the same! As moms, we have the privilege of creating the environment where our families will grow and thrive. We’re writing the stories of our homes by creating the spaces where their fondest memories will be made. But remember that the sweetest parts of those stories will be centered around each one of you—the wonderful moms who set the tone and truly make your homes what they are. 

Because there truly is no place like homes… and you sweet Mom’s are the best part!