One of the best things about the approaching summer season is the opportunity to take a break and hit the road for a little vacation. And if your home is anything like mine, you’ll have friends and family stopping in for extended visits all summer long! I love having guests in our home and enjoy doing what I can to make them feel welcome while they’re with us. And I want to help you do the same!

So often guest rooms inadvertently become forgotten spaces in our homes. But rather than letting them be the sparse or disregarded parts of your house, try thinking of your guest spaces as the home away from home for your visitors. While you don’t have to break the bank to revamp the room, there are a few things you can do to spruce up the space and create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests.

Make a welcome basket. An easy way to make your guests feel at home in your home is to welcome them in with a few things to enjoy during their stay. Combine necessities like travel-sized shampoos, soaps, or extra toothbrushes with fun treats like magazines, lotions, or small candies to create a welcome basket for your guests. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to let your guests know you’re glad to have them with you!

Bring in some bedside tables. Be sure to have nightstands in place on either side of the bed for your guests. Think through what you need readily accessible on your nightstand—small lamps, coasters, a clock, a phone charger—and try to duplicate that for your guests. Again, no need to go out and purchase a ton of new things. See what extras you have lying around your house to incorporate into the room. Spruce up some old end tables with a fresh coat of paint to make simple nightstands for your guest space.  

Give them a little privacy. Consider how you can give your guests the privacy they need while staying with you. A simple window treatment is a great way to give them an escape from the neighbors while also adding a decorative element to the room. Try some inexpensive curtains or basic shades to ensure your guests have a way to hide away from the outside world while in your home.

Keep extras on hand. It’s always a good idea to have an extra set of blankets, pillows, and towels at the ready for your guests. If you don’t already have extras on hand, purchase some simple and inexpensive sets of each to store in the space. Rather than stuff them away in a closet, try making them a part of the room’s décor. Use extra pillows to decorate around the headboard, layer blankets at the foot of bed for some texture, or keep towels in a decorative basket to give your room some functional décor.  

Have a little fun. While the guest room is a part of your home, try thinking of it as a space all it’s own and allow yourself to have a little fun. Think bolder colors, patterned pillows, or unique accents. You can keep it cohesive with the rest of your home’s aesthetic while still giving it a feel all it’s own. Just be sure to choose tones and patterns that don’t overwhelm the room or the visitors staying in it! At the end of the day, the comfort of your guests is the goal of the space.