Spring has officially sprung here in Roswell. And, if you’re anything like me, the change in seasons has you itching to bring a little change to your décor as well. Unfortunately, it’s probably not feasible for most of us to completely redecorate with the start of every new season. But there are still several easy and affordable ways you can refresh your décor and give your space a brand new feel without breaking your budget. Check out just a few simple things you can do to spruce up your space this spring.

Do a little spring-cleaning. The quickest way to refresh your space this season is to start with a simple spring-cleaning. Do a quick scan around each room in your home. Is there something you haven’t used in the last six months? Do you have pieces that are beginning to look old and worn? Are there items that are broken or no longer useful? Toss them out! This will not only give you a little more room to work with in your home, it will also create a little space for you to eventually incorporate new items into your space.

Move things around. You don’t have to break the bank to redecorate. In fact, you can give a room in your home a totally new look without spending a cent! Try rearranging the furniture, moving around your décor, and switching up the layout of your room to create a brand new feel. You won’t believe how different your space will seem when you simply start moving things around.

Pop in some color. While you may not be able to fully renovate your space for spring, you can let the change in season inspire a few changes in color. Try incorporating some pops of color throughout to give your home a spring update. A fresh coat of paint, some bright or patterned pillows, a few colorful new accents, or even a simple bouquet of fresh flowers are great ways to introduce some seasonal color into your space.

Refurbish and refinish. Give new life to the older pieces in your home by refurbishing and refinishing some of your furniture. Reupholster some of your chairs in a fun new fabric. Sand and repaint your end tables or a coffee table. Recover your sofa with a new material or slipcover. Don’t be afraid to try projects like these yourself. You’ll be surprised how easy small refurbishing and refinishing projects actually are!

Lighten up. One of the best things about spring is the return of longer days and bright sunlight. So why not welcome a little bit of that light in to your home? Trade heavier curtains for lighter fabrics like linen. Open up the blinds or lift your shades to allow natural light to accent your space. Replace some of the darker shades in your home with colors from a softer palette. Lightening up your home is a great way to welcome spring into your space