There’s nothing that feels more farmhouse than adding some natural elements to your home. And with the arrival of spring looming this month, there’s no better way to incorporate a little bit of a farmhouse feel to your home than by bringing some floral elements into your space.  Whether to be a simple pop of color or just a sweet accent to finish off a room, flowers are a great way to introduce just a bit of a farmhouse look and usher your home into spring this year!

Wallpaper. There are some really beautiful and elegant floral wallpaper patterns out there that would serve as a great addition to your space. When choosing your wallpaper, think less 1970s—bold patterns and bright colors—and more subtle farmhouse—simple patterns in grays, blues, greens, and whites. And remember this when it comes to wallpaper of any kind: less is more. Try using it only in one room or on a small accent wall in your entryway or bathroom.

Centerpieces. Holidays aren’t the only time to think about a putting together a centerpiece for your table. Creating unique centerpieces is a great way to add flowers to your space throughout the year. Create something simple and elegant by mixing and matching different flowers. Choose colors that match the palette of your room or introduce a bolder, brighter color that still compliments your overall color scheme. Don’t want to take the time to create your own centerpiece? Pick up a premade bouquet and set it up in a simple vase at your table’s center. 

Accents. If you want to bring in some simple floral touches without overtaking your space, try little accent pieces around your home. Small succulents on your kitchen counter or windowsill, a basic bouquet in a vase on your end table, or even a simple series of paintings or prints on your wall are all easy ways to accent your space with flowers. Don’t want to worry about keeping the live ones in good shape? Consider using dried flowers or faux floral arrangements for longer lasting accents in your space.

Furniture. Make an impression in your space by incorporating floral patterns in your furniture. A side chair in floral upholstery, throw pillows in flowered fabric, or refinished seat covers for your dining room chairs are simple ways to give some floral influence to your furniture. Again, less is more when it comes to patterns so think subtle and soft as opposed to bold and bright.