Since launching Linen and Flax, I sometimes get asked questions like, “Where did you come up with that name?” or “What does Linen and Flax mean?” Choosing the name for our business and brand was an important decision for me. I wanted a name that really reflected who we are in terms of design, but also who we are as people. And when we finally came to Linen and Flax, I knew that was it.

When our family moved to the Atlanta area seven years ago, we did so with little certainty about what was next. My husband was leaving corporate America, and, while I had the hope of growing my design business and opening a store tucked away in the back of my mind, I thought these were dreams coming much farther down the road.  

As our faith is so important in our lives, my husband and I spent a lot of time in prayer in that season. We wanted this next chapter in our lives to be led by God, and we spent a lot of time praying He would do just that. So when a friend suggested we meet with a woman she knew who would pray with us for direction, we jumped at the chance.

To be honest, I went thinking I was there to support my husband. I didn’t think she’d have much to say to me. So you can imagine my surprise when she started praying specifically for me. She spoke to me about the things she thought were in store just for me—a business, a marketplace, working with linens.

I left that day with that word—linen—rolling around in my brain. I started reading Proverbs 31 about a woman who carefully selected linens and fine garments and stayed up late to work with these materials. Something about it just stuck with me.

And in the days and weeks that followed, I continued thinking it over as the business began to grow and take shape. Soon I found myself sitting around the table with Mack and his team at Heystac. They were helping create and launch our website—something we couldn’t do without landing on a name! I shared with them the things I’d been tossing around in my brain and soon the idea was tossed out: “What about Linen and Flax?”

I loved it instantly and felt like from a design perspective it really represented what I do. But I wanted the brand to represent more than just design—I wanted it to represent me. So we sat together as Mack looked up the word “flax,” and I found myself speechless as he shared a piece of what it represented: refinement.

Refinement: the process of removing impurities or unwanted elements.

That’s the story of my life. It’s been a constant process of refinement—the process of cleansing and bettering something by removing the things that are holding me back. And paired with linen I felt like it fully encompassed both the aesthetic of our design and the position of our lives. It was the perfect fit for our brand. And so around the table that day, Linen and Flax was finally born.