One of the most popular design trends to adorn your home is the creation of a gallery wall. It’s a great way to decorate a wall in a personal way. We’ve seen them on dominant walls over sofas or sideboards, on smaller walls in entryways or bedrooms, or traveling up the wall alongside the stairs. A well-designed gallery wall can create an incredible focal point for your home, but you want to make sure you do it right! An unplanned, undone wall can look like a cluttered mess, and none of us want that!

That’s why we’re here to help! Want to undertake the task of setting up your own gallery wall in your home? Take these tips into consideration as you plan and prepare.

Find your frames.

Before getting started, decide what sort of feel you’re looking for in your frames. If you want a more formal look on your wall, go with matching frames to be hung more symmetrically. For a casual look, mix and match different frames in varying sizes to give the wall a little more laid-back look.

Choose a common theme.

Unless you’re looking to create a totally eclectic feel, the pieces on your wall need to have some commonality. While they don’t have to be completely the same, the objects and groupings need to feel cohesive. For example, if you mix and match your frames, keep them in the same color palette for cohesiveness. Or choose enough similarity in repetition of sizes that the eye can detect patterns throughout the wall.  

Get creative.

Inject a little personality to your wall by getting creative with the items you incorporate. Go beyond pictures and frames and mix and match your wall décor. Think about mirrors, prints, wooden letters, clocks, signs, pennants, or anything fun and creative to mix up the look of the wall.

Lay it out.

Layout is key to a good gallery wall, and Pinterest is a great help for this. You can search through a variety of layouts to give yourself plenty of ideas on what will look best on your wall. Once you’ve landed on a layout, arrange your items on the floor or hang paper placeholders on your wall to finalize your design. This allows you to think through and visualize the look before your hammer hits the wall to start hanging.

Feature your favorites.

Finally, be sure you’ve included the things that you love. The gallery wall is for you after all so shouldn’t it represent the people, places, and things you love? The best part of any gallery wall display will always be the things on it that are the most personal to you.