Last month, we had the exciting opportunity to host Linen & Flax’s very first Fall Faire. Our team transformed the backyard of our storefront on Canton Street into a celebration of the season on a sunny Sunday afternoon. And the best part? Our very own Chaz Easterly shared her design expertise by giving a demonstration on seasonal design. For those of you who didn’t get to join us, check out just a few design tips and pictures from our first annual Fall Faire.

Keep it simple. One of the most important things to keep in mind for your fall décor (or really any décor for that matter) is to keep it simple. Too much clutter can make your display feel chaotic. Keep things simple to create a more breathable, relaxing feel in your space.

Centerpieces. Create the perfect fall centerpiece by using items found right outside in your backyard. We love mixing it up by adding a few magnolia leaves (our favorite!) to bring the outside in to your display. Add some small white pumpkins and cotton stems to finish off the look.

Heirloom pumpkins. Nothing says fall like pumpkins of course! And we love the unique look of heirloom pumpkins. Grab a few in natural and neutral tones and group them together for a classic fall look.

Sunflowers. Transition from summer to fall by incorporating some sunflowers into your fall décor. As they bloom best in late summer and early fall, they’re the perfect compliment to your fall color palette. Bring them in for some pops of color around your home or to give a little something extra to your centerpiece.