With winter fast approaching, it’s time to think about getting your home ready for the new season.  This year’s winter design trends include everything from new colors and fresh materials to updated accents and statement pieces combined to give you a new atmosphere for the winter season. The good news? You don’t have to redecorate your entire home to stay on trend this season. You can incorporate some of the best design trends for the season simply by adding a few different pieces or colors to your home. So check out how you can usher in winter with some of the season’s top design trends in your home!

The Colors: Winter is the best season to bring some darker colors into your home. This year’s color palette for winter includes deep, rich shades of, navy, indigo, and purple. While fresh coats of paint or new statement pieces of furniture are great ways to bring the color trends into your home, you don’t have to commit to such a major change. Simply introducing new throw pillows, pieces of artwork, or even holiday décor in the season’s best colors can give your home an update. Looking for a good winter neutral? Gray is the want to go! It’s a great match to the mood outside and a soft background color to really make your bolder colors pop.

The Materials: Marble is the material of the moment for winter. Not only is it an easy way to incorporate those on trend colors with mixes of grays, blacks, and blues throughout, it also brings a clean and classic look to any home. It’s easiest to introduce marble in your bathroom or kitchen, with new tiles, countertops, or even sinks as bigger investments. But if you don’t have the margin for a project of that size, you can bring in small marble additions for your home like picture frames, vases, or kitchenware.

The Accents: Also on trend this winter and a great pairing with a marble or gray backdrop are copper, brass, and gold accents. From smaller choices like decorative pillows, candles, vases, and table décor to larger pieces like mirrors, wall hangings, and end tables, these colors bring a little holiday sparkle to your home this season. Remember, you don’t have to make major purchases or changes to incorporate these accents into your home. Use what you have at your disposal to bring in the trends of the season. Own some copper kitchenware? Put it out as décor this winter. Have some old vases or frames? Update them with a fresh can of gold spray paint.

The Atmosphere: There’s nothing better on a cold winter day than to be welcomed into a warm and comfortable home. When you’re looking to set the tone for your home this season, think cozy! Bring in some knit throws, pillows, and even ottomans or some plush rugs and blankets to create a cozy atmosphere this winter. Light some candles or keep a fire running in your fireplace for some added warmth and glow. It will not only help your home stay on trend this year, but, more importantly, will create a space where your family and friends feel warm and welcomed all winter long.


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