With winter finally upon us it’s time to add a little seasonal décor to your home. And some of the best supplies to decorate your home can be found right outside your window! Adding in a few natural winter decorations is a budget friendly way to bring a little rustic simplicity to your home this season. Check out just a few things you probably already have that will make great decorations in your home this season.

-Pinecones are easy to find and simple to use when it comes to decorations. You can dress them up with a coat of spray paint and a little glitter to add some glitz or you can leave them as is for a more toned down, natural look. Stack them in a vase or place them on your mantel or table to create an eye-catching centerpiece for your room.

-Small limbs and branches from your trees are great pieces to include in your home this season. Again, a can of spray paint over your branches can go a long way to add a little glamour to your mantel or tablescape.

-Greenery is an obvious choice for winter décor. Try thinking outside the box this year when it comes to using greenery. Save some of the sprigs from your Christmas tree trimmings and use them to make place cards for a holiday dinner or as a decorative accent on your wrapped gifts. Put them in vases for some added color at the bottom or even collect enough to make your own wreath. It’s an easy way to add a little pop of color to your natural décor.

-As the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to fall off your trees, collect a few to incorporate into your decorations. Like greenery, they’re simple accents to include in your gift-wrapping, centerpieces, or as place cards at a meal. Brush them over with a can of spray paint to make the colors match the rest of your holiday décor. Our favorite leaf to use for decorations? Magnolia! There’s nothing better than a magnolia wreath adorning your front door this season.  

-Have a fruit or nut tree in your yard? Growing a garden? Grab some of what’s sprouting to use in your home this winter. Don’t have a tree? Check your fridge and pantry! Cranberries, walnuts, oranges, and apples are perfect as temporary decorations. Pile them together for a centerpiece or vase display. Better yet? Combine them all together to make a potpourri that gives your home a winter scent and provides a little decoration all in one!