As an interior designer, my job is to help people create the homes they’ve always dreamed of having. And in this day and age, it seems the home most everyone is dreaming of is a big, beautiful farmhouse. Now while we can’t all build that big, beautiful farmhouse from the ground up, we can add elements of the look into our homes. Here are seven simple ways to incorporate a little farmhouse feel into your design:

1. Keep it neutral. When it comes to creating a farmhouse design in your home, think neutral. Let shades of white, ivory, and gray dominate your color scheme by using them on the primary pieces of your home like your walls, exterior, and furniture choices. Then introduce pops of color in your accent pieces like pillows, artwork, table décor, and rugs with variations of blue, green, brown, and even gold. Going with a primarily neutral color scheme helps create a clean and classic farmhouse look in your home. 

2. Open Your Shelving. Don’t be afraid of a little open shelving in spaces like your kitchen, family room, or office. It’s an easy way to add a little character to your space by making simple pieces you already own a part of your décor. Worried about the hassle of keeping your shelves nice and neat when their contents are on display? Try incorporating open shelving in just one section of a room and fill it with more of your rarely used items to avoid the work of keeping it in order.

3. Incorporate Your Antiques. Antiques are great elements to bring in to your home to achieve a farmhouse look. And the best part? You don’t have to break the bank to do it! Some of the best items to create a farmhouse look in your home are probably already in it. A collection of vases your grandparents passed on to you. An old painting you found at a garage sale. Worn out windows from your last house. Vintage accents like these are great additions to your home décor.

4. Distress It. Want to give some of your current pieces that weathered farmhouse texture? Distress them! It’s an easy and cost effective method to give new life to the furniture you already own. With just a little sand paper and few coats of paint you can turn your modern pieces of furniture into old and rustic items seemingly straight from the farmhouse. 

5. Bring In The Barn Wood. There’s no better way to create a farmhouse vibe in your home than to bring the barn wood right into it! Incorporate reclaimed wood into your home with a custom made table for your dining room. Add a barn wood door to close off your office space. Or build some simple wood shelving for your walls. Using restored barn wood in pieces big or small in your home adds the perfect rustic element.

6. Invest In Your Light Fixtures. Choosing unique light fixtures for your home is an easy way to give your space a new look. From your kitchen and dining room to your bedroom and bathroom all the way to your entryway, your light fixtures help create the atmosphere in every space of your home. If you want to bring in a little bit of that farmhouse tone, consider some barn style light fixtures, lanterns or vintage chandeliers for your rooms.

7. Embrace The Fireplace. In my opinion, there’s nothing better in any home than a great fireplace. Make it the centerpiece of your room to create an inviting space in your home. Update it with a fresh coat of paint or even some bead board and top it off with some antique accessories for the mantle to give it a farmhouse look. Don’t have a fireplace in your home? Add a wood mantle to one of your walls to create a similar feel in your home.